Welcome Message to New Residents

Welcome to the Village of Dundee

On behalf of the Village Council and Village Administration

We're glad you have chosen the Village of Dundee as your new home! As a resident you will enjoy the very best in municipal services and programs.

Now that your big move is over it's time to get settled into your new home. In order to make everything go smoothly we have created an electronic version of a welcome kit. Included will be utility phone numbers and websites, cable service information, local parks, trash collection, and much more.

To access all of this information please click on "What you need to know" which is on the menu to the left.

More Information:

The Village of Dundee employs a Mass Communication system called "CodeRed" This service allows officials within the village to send out emergency notifications to all residents within 60 seconds of initiating the call. To learn more about our mass communication system we have provided a link to the information which is in the main menu. Please take the time to sign up for this free and valuable service. You can sign up now.

We hope you are getting settled in. If you have any questions about your new home please feel free to call or send us an email.

The Village of Dundee