Sidewalk Repair

Village Charter and Ordinance 1-42 states that property owners are required to maintain the sidewalks in front of their developed property in a safe and repaired condition. Each year the Village Council selects an area of the Village to evaluate the current sidewalk conditions.

Sump Pump & Footing Drain Disconnect

The Village has been working since 2008 to disconnect all sump pumps, footer drains, and roof drains that discharge to the sanitary sewer system.  According to ordinance No. 3-94 § 4.3, 9-9-94 roof drains, foundation drains and all other clear water
connections to the sanitary sewer are prohibited.

Clear water that enters the sanitary sewer system is unnecessarily treated at the wastewater treatment plant.  This leads to increased wear on the treatment plant, which leads to higher sewer fees and possibly overwhelming the system altogether.  As of 2017, nearly all prohibited connections have been corrected.